At Riverhills School we are very fortunate to have a team of professional and passionate people who strive to make a difference for our learners within a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Mrs Sarah Allen



Mrs Desiree McNie

Deputy Principal

Reading Recovery

Mrs Annette Thomas

Teacher - Room 1

Reading Recovery

Mrs Natalie Scott

Teacher - Room 3

Miss Denise Marsden

Teacher - Room 4

Miss Siobhan Rew

Teacher - Room 5

Mrs Georgina Girven

Teacher - Room 6

Miss Rashmi Raorane

Teacher - Room 7

Mrs Charlene Blankenaar

Part-time Release Teacher

Mrs Marlene Stephens

Office / Library

Mrs Sue Lees

Office / Learning Support

Mrs Rashika Singh

Learning Support

Mrs Allison Glover

Learning support

Mrs Maria Vasquez

Learning support

Mrs Gina Ellis

Learning Support

Mr Chris Scott