Respect LOOP

At Riverhills School we show respect for learning, ourselves, others and property.

Diva is our Respect LOOP mascot.

The mascot is based on our school office cockatiel, named Diva.

The mascot image is used in all Respect LOOP signage and messaging around the school.

Riverhills is a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school.

We proactively teach behaviour expectations to ensure that all students know what is expected of them in all settings. We do this using our own values framework, which we call the Riverhills Respect LOOP, which means that we have respect for:

  • Learning

  • Ourselves

  • Others

  • Property

Children who demonstrate appropriate behaviours are rewarded with LOOP points. There are LOOP point targets for individuals, groups, classes and for the whole school.

When children slip up and don't meet our behaviour expectations we focus on re-teaching expectations. Like any other area of learning, behaviour sometimes needs repeated learning opportunities in order to improve. We strongly believe that all children are capable of learning appropriate behaviour.